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Personal Injury lawsuits with children

A school yard roughhousing in a Toronto Catholic school turned into a lawsuit when the mother of the boy who broke his arm as a result, filed a lawsuit against the school to seek a total of $600,000 plus value. The incident occurred in March 2015 when two kids, a boy and a girl, were doing pushing pranks around the school yard when they shoved one of their classmates onto the ground, causing the boy to break his arm. The lawsuit caused the school board's insurer to name the two children two years later after the incident when the law suit was filed.

The mother of one of the children claims they didn't mean to hurt the boy and were playing an innocent game where one crouched behind the unsuspecting victim and the other pushed him so he toppled over the child crouching down, but it took a nasty turn when they found out the next day that the boy had broken his arm. She added that police contacted them after the incident but no charges were laid.

Injury lawyer Jane Lo of Toronto firm Klaiman Edmonds represented the injured boy and wrote to the two parties to resolve the dispute with the amount of $5,000 in exchange for not naming the boy in action, but the family didn't respond to the proposal. The families of the two pupil claim they weren't informed until eight months after the incident in November, 2015 when the mother of the injured child took legal action against them.

This isn't the only silly play-turned-lawsuit that a school has ever experienced. In fact, insurance exchanges have collected details of more than 85,000 incidents that involve injuries turning into potential liability. Another such case involved a seven year old who hit another child in the head in the schoolyard and this case went on for 15 years until the injured child finally received $4 million in damages. Schools and students need to be more aware of potential litigations and the implications involved in seemingly inconsequential schoolyard roughhousing.

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