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Personal Injury new laws

personal injury car accident victims might be in a serious trouble because of the changes to the insurance act accident benefits available. The new regulation is in Ontario Regulation 251/15 and has reduced the total accident benefits available to seriously injured motorists as well as non-catastrophic accident victims. The dire implications of the changes in personal injury law are alarming for all. For seriously injured motorists, the total accident benefits have been halved from $2 million to $1 million, while the total amount of benefits available for not so serious non-catastrophic accident victims have also received a significant cut from the already insufficient $86,000 down to $65,000.

These changes have added to the financial distress of auto motor accident victims and have also been thought to be in favor of the insurance industry. These accident benefits weren't the only changes made. According to the new legislation, the criterion for benefits entitlement has also been morphed. A set of new tests have displaced the previous Glasgow coma scale to determine whether a person is entitle to the accident benefits. It has been speculated that even though the new tests may not necessarily impede the benefits acquirement process, the removal of the Glasgow coma scale test was unnecessary because it had been running smoothly for some years now.

Furthermore, the non-earner benefits have also experienced some major cuts which means students, those who are unemployed, the stay-at-home parents and even the elderly are no longer eligible to receive the non–earners' benefits for an indefinite period of time since the time period of receiving the non earner benefit has been decreased to two years only.

Injured drivers are more vulnerable to accidents now than ever, especially those with serious injuries because the $1 million tort liability policy is clearly insufficient, resulting in decreased protection from automobile insurance agencies.

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