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Criminal lawyer toronto murder case

An attempted murder case transitioned into reasonable mental health assessment of the alleged attacker, a 32 year old woman and a Toronto area resident named Rehab Dughmosh. Rehab Dughmosh was brought into court on account of total of 21 charges that she faces, including the attempted murder of at least three people in association with a terrorist group. When brought into the trial for the terror charges and the alleged attack at a Canadian Tire store, Dughmosh's behavior struck unusual to the judge, Justice Kimberley Crosbie after Dughmosh responded to multiple questions by saying that the courtroom was filled with infidels repeatedly.

Justice Kimberley Crosbie said that this behavior caused her to be concerned about whether Rehab Dughmosh even understood the nature and object of the court proceedings. Justice Kimberley Crosbie ordered a mental health assessment for Rehab Dughmosh for which she will be transferred to a mental health facility undergoing mental health assessment in the meantime. Dughmosh's unusual behavior wasn't restricted to the courtroom only though. She had refused to leave her cell to appear for her court hearing. The police officer also disclosed that Dughmosh doesn't leave her cell even to shower and chooses to wash herself within the confines of her cell instead.

Dughmosh's criminal lawyer and the crown prosecutor agree to have Dughmost go through the mental health assessment before the trial can proceed. Justice Crosbie has said that she is entertaining the possibility of Dughmost pretending to not understand the proceedings of the court as well. Apart from attacking employees at the Canadian Tire store in east Toronto with a golf club and a large knife, Rehab Dughmosh has been also been charged for leaving Canada for the purpose of committing a crime and uttering death threats. According to media reports, Dughmosh had previously pledged allegiance to a terrorist group during her previous court proceedings.

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