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criminal charges against police officers

Charges against police can influence other court cases they are involved in, or in this particular case, been called for as a witness. Const. Michael Theriault was the one and only key witness to an impaired drunk driving trial case and was supposed to take the stand in a Scarborough courtroom as an important sole witness whose testimony was of crucial importance to the case. However, Const. Michael Theriault never showed up for his testimony because only two days before the trial, he was arrested and charged for aggravated assault with a weapon against Dafonte Miller along with charges of public mischief.

This introduced some complication and the implication of the seemingly independent event of the assault charge has echoed through other cases such as this one where Const. Michael Theriault had given witness's testimony as part of the job. The criminal lawyer for the defendant likely took this information into consideration in his arguments.

Another drunk driving case DUI involving Theriault as the key witness took place where the defense lawyer urged the court to grant her access to the information about the Theriault case by the Special Investigations Unit and a permit to cross examination Theriault about his mischief charges for allegedly misleading the police.

Theriault's credibility as a witness is at serious stake due to the public mischief and aggravated assault charges now. The defense lawyer Tina Kaye expressed how unimaginable it is to not be permitted cross examination of Theriault's case, especially when he has allegedly misled an investigation. However, the crown prosecutors in both of the cases involving Theriault have decided to proceed instead of reassessing or letting the charges stay.

The Ministry of the Attorney General and the Public Prosecution Service of Canada admit that they do not monitor information concerning stayed charges or acquittals because of a police officer's involvement in another case. Const. Michael Theriault isn't the only officer experiencing the ripple effect of an officer being criminally charged under the Police Services Act because many other examples have occurred in the past.

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