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How do you find the best lawyer in Toronto? More importantly, how do you find out whether the Toronto lawyer that you are hiring is top ranked or highly rated? There are various services on the web such as Toplawyer named websites, but these all charge a fee to the lawyer to be listed - that is hardly any indication that they are really "top" in their industry. Those websites do indicate that they personally vet the lawyers who pay to be listed with them, but that is subjective and not open to a transparent system.

Many lawyer websites contain google user reviews or google local ads, but the problem with those is that, if you dig deep into certain websites, you may find that many of those reviews are not legitimate. The legal world is a high reward environment and so many services have sprung up promising to boost lawyer visibility on the web and promote them as top ranked or rated. The Toronto Star also recently published an article that set out some of the advertising issues in the personal injury lawyer bar in Toronto: https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2017/0...

The truth is that, in our personal opinion, there is no comprehensive site that provides verifiable ratings and reviews and a potential client that is trying to navigate through the deep ocean of ads and listings will usually become confused and unsure. Many will turn to lawyers or other trusted community members for referral to an appropriate practitioner (ie: they may consult their real estate lawyer for the name of a good Toronto criminal lawyer). However, just like any other industry, there are rumors that there are referral fees (some would call those kickbacks) for providing the referral. Ontario's law society recently put in place stringent requirements for reporting referral fees (kickbacks) between practitioners, but there remain loopholes and arguments about how not to apply it - there continue to be rumors of payments without compliance, similar to rumors about real estate agents receiving "referral fees" for recommending a real estate lawyer.

The truth is that some lawyers operate like many of our other professions in a state of at least partial self interest. Eliminating that would require us to change the human nature of those lawyers - which is impossible. Our organization believes that the appropriate way to protect consumers is not effective through regulation - but instead is best served by decentralization of the lawyer hiring process and introducing competition and choice into the environment, so that lawyers are forced to compete by noting their accomplishments, abilities, firm information and prices when seeking out a client. When a potential client uses our service, their inquiry is transmitted to the lawyers who practice in the area that they are seeking and any and all interested lawyers may reply to the potential client with their bio, their qualifications and prices to prove why they are the best lawyer for your case. Through competition, the consumer is protected. This service is open to all qualified lawyers in Ontario to sign up for.

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Finding the best lawyer toronto is not an easy task. There are several services that purport to provide ranking for lawyers but....

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