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Legalization of marijuana is now a reality for the residents of Ontario, Canada. The Wayne government has announced that marijuana sales will be restricted to 150 stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to carry out well regulated and controlled purchase of marijuana. These stores will be the only place one can purchase marijuana, which means the long lasting nuisance of the illegal trade of pot will take a pit fall.

The stores run by Liquor Control Board of Ontario will get their supply of marijuana from licensed medical marijuana producers, Health Canada. Additionally, the legal age for buying, using and possessing marijuana will be restricted to 19 years, same as the legal age specified for alcohol consumption. Even though the use, purchase, and possession of marijuana is legalized across Barrie, it is still illegal to smoke in public places. The Barrie police forces have their own concerns about this issue.

Chief Kimberly Greenwood of Barrie Police said, "The Barrie Police Service continues to see marijuana misuse on our city streets which is worrisome. Marijuana impairs a driver's cognitive functions and negatively impacts a driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Global training for our officers is a paramount concern, as we want to be prepared to enforce new laws and existing legislation, specifically concerning impaired driving."

The Barrie Police is concerned about the health and safety of the citizens of Barrie during this change, and place public safety as their number one priority.

The residents of Barrie have opinions of their own and seem to welcome this new legislative change. Some view the legalization of marijuana and its controlled availability the same as alcohol. However, some complain that making public use of marijuana illegal is hypocritical because even though it's legalized, users are still required to smoke within the confines of their residence. There will be 40 Liquor Control Board of Ontario marijuana stores opening across Ontario by July 1, 2018.

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