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Our Philosophy

The idea behind this service is to let clients find a well priced and capable lawyer, rather than just calling someone that they see on tv/the internet who has big marketing bucks (and perhaps high fees).

The lawyer who developed this idea wanted to provide clients with real choice, a fair understanding of legal fees being charged and who they were getting as their lawyer (as opposed to who can afford the flashiest tv ads, but may or may not be the most capable or fairly priced lawyer for a particular case).

It's free for lawyers to sign up to receive emails about prospective clients and your name is never displayed on our website. If a client enters a case description in your area then you receive an email summary alerting you and you decide on whether or not you want to reply to it. There is no obligation to reply.

If you wish to reply, you may pay a one day website membership fee (on average about $14.99 Canadian), which provides you with access to the site, including the name and contact information for the prospective clients that you have received a summary of by email.

If you do reply, we ask that you be entirely professional and provide your bio so that the client understands your experience and expertise. We also ask that you provide the best possible sense that you can of the fee model that you would charge (ie: the block fee or range of fees, or hourly rate, or percentage charged from a result etc.).

We ask that you remember your professional responsibilities when replying to prospective clients and that you uphold those responsibilities in dealing with the prospective clients with the utmost fairness and respect.

Call us dreamers if you will, but we honestly believe that this service can benefit clients and help to rehabilitate the reputation of a legal industry that has, in recent years, experienced, what we believe is, an assault on its overall reputation.


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What our users have to say:

“Highly recommended! I get requests on a regular basis from pre-qualified prospects and I get to choose which clients I want to contact. This process saves a lot of time for everyone at our firm and providers new case leads in a very effective manner.”
David, Mississauga
“I tried this website and I found it to be very easy to use and a helpful tool to reach potential clients. The sign up was easy and I get to select what kind of files I want to pursue. I am pleased with the quality of the leads and will continue using this service in the future.”
Steven Polak, Lerners LLP